I am so glad you are here! If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m Justine. I’m a small-town California cowgirl that’s making her way in the Midwest life.

My passion for photography started years ago in a branding pen and shines through in each and every one of my sessions! My heart and soul belong to the western lifestyle, hence why my lens is usually pointed in that direction. I love capturing anything that shows the beauty, the raw, and the true story of the industry I grew up in. Open Triangle Photography began as way more than just a business, it was my way of being the liaison between the agriculture community and the rest of the world - by telling its story with my lens instead of my lips.

Hello my dear, 

Western Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer!

Meet Justine!

You know exactly how your love feels, all I ask is a chance to show you what it looks like from the outside. I TRULY feel that the best photos come from natural moments not prompts from your photographer.

Laughs that fill the room, emotion you can hold in, hugs so tight you lose your breath, and smiles that come from the heart... those are the photographs you’ll want to look back on. Let's put down the pinterest board and just... be.

 The real and the raw. 

It will always be my mission and my passion to capture those moments. I want you to look back on your photos and remember your day as a refection of you as a couple. 


client love

Chrissa & Clark

"My husband, and I just keep reminiscing on the day and our biggest thing has been “we couldn’t have imagined our day without Justine."”

client love

“As soon as we picked a date, Justine was our first vendor booked. I knew she was a must have after watching her amazing work unfold as a bridesmaid for multiple friends weddings. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Justine!”

Dani & Jared

client love

"We didn’t want to make wedding planning a big deal, but photography and flowers were two things I knew had to be just right. When Dustin insisted Justine was the only photographer he would accept, I had no idea she would capture all my favorite moments on our wedding day and in life. Our favorite part of our day, besides the ceremony, was the hour we spent alone with her. Photos from this day, and all the photos she’s taken as we grow our family, will hang on my walls when I am old and gray. We will always treasure Justine and her gift!”

Colette & Dustin