My ‘Man from Snowy River moment’…

One of my last sessions of the season before the days got extremely short, the trees lost all their leaves, and winter brought a colorless landscape in Kansas.

I needed a session to light a little spark in me at the end of busy season. I always need one like that. One that contains laughter, love, good people, beautiful scenery, and you guessed it – a damn good sunset.

The day I arrived at the Santa Laura Ranch to take Kenzie & Sage’s engagement photos was the day I got just that.

When Kenzie walked out it the cutest pink blouse, I knew I was going to be obsessed with the result. We started the session off in a creek bed just below where their reception will be next fall. Its drool worthy – I cant wait! They walked around in the grass, cuddled up together, played with their pups and I wasn’t sure it could get any better…

Time flew and an outfit change was upon us! I couldn’t wait to see what they had next (I always suggest to leave your most favorite outfit for last/sunset). Kenzie and Sage – you definitely didn’t disappoint.

We headed to a nearby pasture where they kept all their younger horses. Immediate jaw drop at the scenery. You know how I mentioned a good sunset is what I need to fire up my soul? Well it was on fire. The colts joined us and we trotted around the pasture with them, letting them come in close then shooing them away so we could get a few of just the Kenzie & Sage. It was freaking magical. I will forever refer it to my “Man from Snowy River” moment. If you know, you know.

Kenzie’s sister and her mom brought (with the help of the cutest pup there was) out their two other horses so we could included them. The colts took a little too much interest in the mares so it was a true challenge to keep the young ones away while trying to keep the mares calm and happy! They pulled it off very well! The sun was just about to dip the below the horizon so they took the saddle horses back, and when Kenzie’s mom returned with the gator, so did the herd of horses behind her…

She must have been reading my mind because the next words out of her mouth were “What if I drove behind them and the horses followed me into the background”. When I tell you you’re not prepared for the next photo it’s because I myself was not prepared. With a little AI removal of mom, I captured and created one of my favorite images of all time.

Queue ‘Jessica’s song” and my favorite quote of all time – “There are a dozen good brood mares in that mob. I’ll be back for them… and for whatever else is mine.”

Told you it was my Man from Snowy River moment.

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