Join me for a weekend of creativity, connection, and community! 

Women of the West will be a women only Western Photography Content Weekend designed to showcase women in the industry & lifestyle! All models (besides the couple shoot) will be female! 

Participants will spend the weekend capturing and creating art that tells a story and shows the beauty of the industry while making connections with other women and photographers who have a passion for the same thing! 


June 28-30, 2024 in Minneapolis, KS

Only 10 spots available - SOLD OUT!!!!

We are so dang excited for another year of our West of East Workshop and Content Shoot. We already can’t wait to meet all the new participants, get some amazing western lifestyle content, and show you a little piece of what makes us who we are as humans & photographers!

Last year was pretty great, but were even more excited for this year!

New models | New ideas | New shoots | New excitement

We’ve secured a few new guests that we are so excited to have in front of our cameras! Registration will open January 10, 2024!

2024 West of East Workshop & Content Shoot

June 7-9, 2024 in Oakley, KS at the pyramid ranch

Only 8 spots available - SOLD OUT!

More info please

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“The West of East Workshop was one of my favorite trips from this past year. I was really just looking to learn a few new things in photography but what I came out with was far more than I anticipated. I left the retreat with a reignited passion for the western industry/western lifestyle, new friendships, and so much knowledge. This opportunity opened a door for me to really just submerge myself in the art of photography and forget about the world for a couple of days. Our group was made up of photographers from all walks of life, different perceptions, experience levels, and fortes - and yet I learned from every single person. Additionally, Rachael and Justine are two of the most welcoming people I have ever come across. They truly put a lot of thought into the experience and made it unforgettable. I deeply hope to be back in 2024!” - Cassidy Gentry

“I had the opportunity to attend the very first West of East workshop and I can not say enough good things about my experience or the ladies that put it on! Rachael and Justine are both amazing photographers and teachers and were great help to those of us that still have a lot to learn behind the lens, not to mention both of their friendly personalities make it that much more of a fun and relaxing experience. If my schedule allowed it, I’d attend every little workshop they both put on!" - Clara Bond

2023 West of East